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6 Proven Successful Pathways for Accounting Students | Get Pro Tips

The accounting field is diverse, and it has various career pathways. But, now it is saturating and becoming competitive as time passes. Unfortunately, most students who study accounting don’t know the right career pathways. In this article, you will learn about various successful accounting career routes.

Career Pathways for Accounting Students

These are the job roles you want to fit in: 

Generally, accountants get a job either due to a bachelor’s degree or certification from an accredited university. So, the degree or certificate offers the student with theoretical knowledge and hard skills.

But, if you’re looking for a mid or expert-level job, you must acquire practical training. Additionally, practical training at Star Sterling Academy helps you find a job at UK Accountancy Practice. Still, you have to fulfill specific qualification requirements.

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    If you're a partly qualified ACCA student looking for a job, the bookkeeper is for the beginner. As the student succeed, they have more job opportunities. Moreover, you can get a job as a senior bookkeeper if you get practical training.

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    Assistant Accountant or Junior Accountant

    If you're a partly qualified ACCA or ICAEW finalist, you are eligible for accounts assistant. You can study and work as an assistant accountant coherently. So work smart, not hard, and have a practical study plan. A firm or business practice builds a better understanding of your theoretical knowledge.

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    An accountant has to be ACCA or ICAEW qualified with 3 to 5 years of experience in UK Accountancy Practice. Moreover, practical training and soft skills play an integral part at your job level. Soft skills boost your career. So, learn soft skills for career advancement.

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    Management Accountant

    It minimally takes about three years of experience to qualify for the management accountant. Moreover, managerial and soft skills play a vital role in the management accountant job. Briefly, it would help if you were ACCA or ICAEW qualified with three to five years of experience.

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    Financial Accountant

    If you're good at understanding GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), you can be a great financial accountant. Moreover, you should be excellent at reading and analysing financial statements efficiently. However, years of experience with ACCA or ICAEW qualifications can't secure you a job. Accounting is changing, so being adaptable and flexible is key for an accountant. Learn more than one language and have excellent communication skills.

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    Business Analyst

    For a business analyst, you don't need to be ACCA or ICAEW qualified, ideally. You can have a bachelor's degree in business or a relevant field and still get a job with soft skills.


Furthermore, you can be a leader after five years of experience. There are positions for director and CFO for accountants afterward. So if you’re looking for accounting career guidelines, talk to our UK-qualified Instructor. 

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