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Privacy Policy

  1. Definitions


The UK Data Protection Directive and its sub-directives are implemented by English law through the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Personal Information 

All personal and sensitive personal information (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998). 


Terms described in this document, including terms of use 

Star Sterling Academy 

Companies within our group (including but not limited to Star Sterling Limited) and us and our executives, employees, licensees, agents, distributors, consultants, contractors (data processing organizations (“processors”). Includes) and suppliers, and each selected third-party organization), including licensees and franchisees.



Star Sterling Academy’s registered office is at Suite 10 Avon House, 435 Stratford Road, Solihull, B90 4AA, UK.


Individuals, companies, or parties that use our website 

  1. General

2.1 This website is owned and operated by us and can be accessed from the URL of the above website. 

2.2 We are the maintainers of all personal data collected on this website 

2.3 We are committed to protecting the privacy of all website users and this privacy policy stipulates how we use your personal information. 

2.4 We use only personal information collected in full compliance with our policies and continue to ensure that our policies and practices comply with future laws and regulations related to your privacy in all respects.

2.5 We recommend that you check back regularly as this privacy policy may need to be changed. 

2.6.1 You have the opportunity to subscribe to the various marketing services we offer in connection with promotional information, marketing information and news that you may be interested in. 

2.6.2 If you are informed that you do not want to be contacted for any or all of the above reasons, we will stop contacting you. However, please note that this may interfere with the provision of services or affect the quality of services provided. 

2.6.3 If you would like to change your request for contact from us or any other member of the Star Sterling Network, please let us know by contacting us using the methods below.

2.7 By submitting your personal information to us, you agree that we (including our business partners within the Star Sterling Network) will use that personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Repeat that. If you have any questions, concerns, comments about the use of this privacy policy, the use of research, or the accuracy of your personal information, if you would like to see the personal information we hold, or if you want to stop processing your personal information for a specific purpose. For more information, please email info @ or write to the address above. 

  1. Your consent and approval.

3.1 Unless expressly specified otherwise, use of the Website is deemed to consent to the collection, use and transfer of personal information in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. 

3.2 You acknowledge and agree that our Terms of Service apply to this Privacy Policy as if they were fully reproduced here. 

3.3 If you don’t agree to this privacy policy and the terms referred to in 3.2, please do not use our website. 

  1. Your personal information

4.1 We will fill out the contact’s name, email address, address, phone number, mobile phone or other website address, and any additional comments or requests you voluntarily provide (fill in the contact form or message portal). Collect personal information such as (whether or not). You can use it by contacting us by email or phone. The web server may also collect data about each visitor, such as IP address, time spent on the website, and pages displayed while accessing the website.

4.2 The main purpose of collecting your personal information is to provide customized services. 

4.3 We process the personal data we collect and retain about you fairly and in accordance with applicable law and fully respect your rights, interests and fundamental freedoms regarding your personal data. 

4.4 Collect only the record sharing process and store the necessary personal data below.

(A) To fulfil our contractual obligations to you and our business partners. It can be present in the Star Sterling network at any time.

(B) We will process your order, including passing your personal data to our selected credit reference authority. This allows us to use that data for our purposes. Limited to deciding whether to process your order and sell the service. Please note that all information that the credit bureau holds about you is subject to its privacy policy and terms of use. We encourage you to review our Terms of Service before sharing your personal information. We store your personal information in a database for use in our administrative needs. Reasonable instructions and other methods are contained in this Privacy Policy unless otherwise stated.

(C) To serve legitimate business interests such as management and marketing, or to comply with legal requirements, and 

(D) Responding to email or telephone questions, inquiries, and requests, and 

(E) We will send you information about our Services, marketing information, news about new services and improvements or special offers, other promotions and offers, and information that you may be interested in.

  1. Electronic when you contact us, and via checkboxes or other means to get the same, and when you buy the same from us, and unless you do so later too; and 
  2. Unless you have selected the check box if you think you are interested through non-electronic means or otherwise. 

4.5 We also use aggregated personal data and statistics to monitor site usage, assist in the development of sites and services, and disclose such aggregated and anonymized personal data to third parties. there is

4.6 If you say that you do not want to be contacted for any or all of the reasons listed in 4.4 (a) to (e) above, we will stop contacting you, which may interfere with us.

4.7 If you are recording or monitoring a call to you for training and quality control purposes, we will first inform you of the purpose for which such recording and monitoring is being made. 

4.8 We will then use your personal information in a manner different from that described in this Privacy Policy, and if prior consent is required, we will notify you and obtain your permission. 

  1. Disclosure of personal information

5.1 We may share personal information within the Star Sterling Network solely for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual obligations to you and our business partners. The Star Sterling Network processes your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and all privacy and telecommunications laws. 

5.2 We will not share your personal information with third parties outside the Star Sterling network without your consent. In particular, we will not share your personal data with authorized direct marketing agents without your prior consent.

5.3 Currently, we do not transfer your personal information held by us outside the United Kingdom Economic Area. If we tell you about it first, we may do this in the future. Therefore, you agree and acknowledge the following: 

(A) We may transfer personal data about you to one or more members of the Star Sterling Network outside the UKEA in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to you. 

(B) In some countries where other entities, companies, or third-party organizations are located, there may be no data protection laws or laws that are less stringent than those introduced by the United Kingdom. When

(C) Suppose you need to transfer your personal data to one or more members of the Star Sterling Network outside the United Kingdom in order to fulfil your contractual obligations. In this case, we may reasonably ensure that such a company or third party has a binding contractual obligation to properly protect your rights with respect to such processing and your personal data. We will do our best (but we cannot guarantee it). 

5.4 If more specific and explicit consent is required, we will obtain consent before sending personal data. 

5.5 We will not share your personal information with third parties outside the Star Sterling Network without your consent.

5.6 In all cases, the use of your personal information for use by the Star Sterling Network is subject to this Privacy Policy. 

5.7 You may personally data as necessary to comply with any legal obligations or requirements to protect and defend the integrity of our website, including our Website Terms of Use or the enforcement of this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to use or disclose. I agree to comply with our requirements and cooperate with law enforcement or government investigations 

5.8 In the future, if a third party acquires us or virtually all assets, you may include your personal information in the transferred assets, such as through a merger or reorganization of acquisitions. I acknowledge and agree.

5.9 Save for that stated above. We do not transfer, share, or disclose (for profit or otherwise) personal information You have submitted to Us in connection with Our on or off-line activities to third parties outside the Star Sterling Network.

  1. Cookies

6.1 We may use cookies to help the system recognize you in order to track the pages you visit when you visit our website. This will improve our website and website services. 

6.2 Cookies are alphanumerical identifiers that are transferred to your hard drive through your web browser when you visit our website. 

6.3 Cookies may also be used to edit aggregated personal data about the most visited areas of our website. This aggregated personal data can be used to improve the content of our website and make it easier to use. 

6.4 If you want to delete cookies, you can set your browser. However, please note that in that case, you may not be able to use certain functions of our website.

6.5 Delete cookies from your web browser, or visit for more information about cookies, including information about persistent cookies and session cookies. 

  1. Protection of personal data 

7.1 The Internet is not a secure medium and cannot guarantee the security of your personal data 

7.2 We only allow you access to your personal data under the circumstances stipulated in this Privacy Policy, whether or not it is stored on a computer system, paper file, or other storage media. We are taking appropriate steps to ensure security.

7.3 Further, our Site and associated databases are protected by certified firewalls and 128bit encryption SSL to protect your personal information from access by unauthorized persons and against unlawful processing. The Site uses the latest technology with full backups. Password protection is provided for all registered users of this Site. All outgoing and incoming email is scanned for viruses.

7.4 Password protection is provided for any registered users of the Site.

7.5 All sent and received emails will be scanned for viruses 

7.6 Star Sterling Network expects the same high level of security and confidentiality as the processors, agents, or contractors used to process the data. 

  1. Your Rights-Access, Update and Retention of Personal Data

8.1 We use effective procedures and safeguards to ensure that the personal information we hold about you is relevant, relevant, not excessive, accurate and up-to-date for the purposes for which it was collected. We guarantee that. 

8.2 Retention periods are provided to ensure that personal data is retained only for as long as necessary for the purposes in question or to comply with administrative, legal or regulatory requirements. When personal information is no longer needed, it will be safely disposed of.

8.3 You have the right to see the personal data we hold about you. If you would like to access all or part of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us at Such access is granted by the requirements of national law and requires any permission to charge the fees you pay to cover the administrative costs incurred in providing that personal information. Such payments must be made in response to requests for access to your personal data and, where applicable, cannot exceed the maximum amount stipulated by national law. Information will be provided within the reasonable time required by federal law, but in any case, within 40 days from the date of such access request.

8.4 If any inconsistencies are found after your request, we will take prompt steps to verify the records and correct them if necessary to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date. increase 

8.5 We will confirm in writing the measures taken within a reasonable period of time in accordance with national law, but in any case, we will confirm within 40 days of receiving the request to change the record. 

  1. Links to third party sites 

9.1 Websites may contain links to third-party Internet websites that are managed and maintained by others.

9.2 These links are included for your convenience only and we do not endorse the linked or referenced websites (including the services provided by these websites). We also have no privacy practices or content management or knowledge. Such websites 

9.3 We have not reviewed these third-party websites and make no representations regarding the availability of content or the accuracy of the material on such websites.

9.4 If you access a third-party website via a link on the website, you are at your own risk. 

9.5 Use of third-party websites is subject to the privacy policy of those websites. These policies should be read immediately before sending personal information to these websites.

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 All rights reserved.


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