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How To Get A Job In The UK Without A Work Permit?

Getting a job in Uk is a dream career. But a work permit and UK visa take a lot of work. So one has to work hard and is still unable to attain it. But what if you can get a job in the UK without a work permit? Do you want to know how? Stay tuned with us! 

Work Permit Guide

As a non-residence, you need a work permit to work legally in the UK. The government has a certain requirement for you to fill in order to get a work permit. And it is daunting to complete. 

A simple process for a UK work permit includes:

So, if you are an accounting student looking to build up an accounting career in UK Accountancy Practice, we have got a bonus tip for you. 

Ways to Get a Job in the UK without Work Permit

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    You can work in a UK accountancy practice without a work permit as a freelancer. Freelancers are generally not considered as traditional employees. Instead, a freelancer provides their services as per decided by the client. The client or company usually outsource an independent entity for freelancing.

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    Remote Job

    Remote jobs are the job you perform anywhere worldwide and are not location restricted. Getting a remote job requires experience and high skills. Sometimes, companies also allot or require work permits to pursue their career in the UK. However, it is a good option for accounting students.

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    Project Based Job

    Project-based jobs are generally considered freelancing careers. Freelancing career is booming around the world. But still, there is a lot of competition, and hard work requires getting a handsome salary, and one needs a work permit to convert into a full-time employee.

What is required to get a remote job in the UK?

ACCA students require practical training to polish their skills in order to get a handsome salary in UK accountancy practice. Thus, it enhances the analytical skills and gives hands- on experience that builds a strong resume.

We at Star Sterling Academy offer a career opportunity for ACCA students. With us, getting a job in UK accountancy practice is relatively easy. 

Get our practical training, enhance your skill, and stand out in the crowd.

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