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How Income Tax and the Personal Allowance Work | Learn Personal Tax Today!

Every individual in the UK has to pay income tax also known as personal tax. There are different types of income and one has to learn about them to pay taxes.  In this blog you will learn a brief overview of Personal Tax Return:

Basic Overview of Personal Tax in the UK

A person with income greater than the designated amount of money has to pay the liability of tax. Usually, the income comes from the work you do for leaving whether you are an employee or self-employed. The income tax will vary according to conditions. The income can be generated by a person who is :

Personal tax is a self-assessment tax system: formed by HMRC to file income tax of an individual. In simple words, it is basically an individual’s tax that a person submits to federal, state or local tax agencies to report all taxable income of the previous year. Everyone in the UK has to pay this tax. 

Generally, an individual can manage their own personal tax. But it gets tricky if they have a huge income, multiple sources, or a businessman. 

HMRC have made a self-assessment system for filing individual income tax in the UK. Usually, taxes are deducted from salaries, wages, pensions or income higher than the personal allowance. 

While calculating the personal tax, the tax accountant or individual has to keep in the record the following things. 

However, allowances play a major role when you are filing income tax. Well, allowance helps you exempt certain taxes. Thus you don’t need to pay for everything.  An allowance is an amount of otherwise taxable income that you can earn each year, without paying tax on it. Generally, there is a personal allowance and other allowances as well. The next question arises: 

What is Personal Allowance in Income Tax?

Allowance: Exempted From Tax

 Everyone, including students, kids, married people or elders has a remittance or something called a Personal Allowance. This is the amount of money you’re allowed to earn each tax year before you start paying Income Tax

Protip: For the 2022/23 tax year, the Personal Allowance is £12,570 ( the same as 2021/22).

However, individuals with income above £100,000 will have their personal allowance reduced.

Yet, there are different allowances available. Other allowances include: 

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    Blind Person's Allowance

    A person who is registered blind with a local authority can get an additional amount of tax-free income. The allowance is £2,600 for 2022-23.

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    Marriage Allowance

    If you want to qualify for marriage allowance, you should earn less than your partner or has an income of £12570 or less.

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    Married Couple Allowance

    Marriage and married couple allowances are different allowances. Where married couple allowance has a unique mandatory condition for the couple i.e. at least one spouse was born before 6 April 1935.

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