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How can you work as a Remote Bookkeeper? Tips for Working Remotely


The bookkeeping industry is booming. So, working as a remote bookkeeper aids you in being your own boss. In addition, a virtual bookkeeper makes money working from home and has a chance to work with different clients anywhere, and can set their own working hours. So do you want the perfect strategy for how you can work as a Remote Bookkeeper? Yes, we’ve also got bonus tips for you: we will also share tips for remotely working in the end.

How can you work as a remote bookkeeper?

With an accounting degree, you can be a Virtual Bookkeeper (remote bookkeeper) If you have completed ACCA, ICAEW, or equivalent. Follow our process in detail to become a remote bookkeeper.

Invest in Essential Work Tools

As a remote bookkeeper, you mainly need a proficient computer or laptop and a good internet connection. At first, these are two fundamental investments you need to make. However, after a time, you need to separate your personal phone services from business services as you get clients on freelancing.

Moreover, noise-canceling headphones and adjustable desks are add-ons to the work tool investment. As a result, you may gradually improve your work tools.

Practical Bookkeeping Training

Once you qualify for ACCA or partly qualified ACCA, you must get practical bookkeeping training. Accounting training builds a bridge between theoretical and practical knowledge. Bookkeeping Training and courses will help you understand the actual client working file. We at Star Sterling Academy offer ACCA students practical accounting training according to their aptitude. Not only this, but after successfully completing our suggested modules, we will offer a work placement in our UK-based Company, Star Sterling Outsource.

Additionally, practical accounting training enhances analytical skills. Analytical skills also improve problem-solving skills. So the bookkeeper can better understand the data and find a better financial solution for a company. Companies also regard candidates with soft skills, e.g. analytical skills.

Learn Accounting Software

Software automation is the new normal as it efficiently eliminates human error in data entry. In addition, accounting software saves half of the time of the bookkeeper. So, the bookkeeper must learn it comprehensively so they can work with this software coherently.

Furthermore, the Remote Bookkeeper has to decide and interpret specific key points while selecting compatible accounting software for work. Here are vital points you have to go through:

Anti-Money Laundering License

To be an in-house or remote bookkeeper, you must have an anti-money laundering AML license. Without this license, you can’t work as a bookkeeper. Don’t worry; the license is easy to get; just apply at their website, and within 28 days, you will get a response.

Equip Real World Skills

Real-world skills are life skills that everyone should learn. These skills help ACCA students to excel in their accounting careers. In the modern world, one has to learn real-world skills along with theoretical knowledge. Here is the list of real-world skills a remote bookkeeper should work on:

Find your Customer or Job

Once you are equipped with practical training, finding your customer is next. Grow your networks on FacebookLinkedIn, or other social media. Find jobs on the freelancing platform. We are sharing platforms for bookkeeping jobs:

Well, we have an excellent offer for you. Join our course and take our practical training. After completing our course, we will offer our student a job placement in our partner company Star Sterling Outsource. Join our Course Now!

Amazing Tips for Working Remotely

  • Communication Skills

    Communication skills not only help you grow in your life but also excel in your accounting career. As a bookkeeper, you need to share your key point at a pace others can understand too.

  • Organisation & Scheduling

    It is one of the most crucial skills to have as a bookkeeper. Having organizational skills is the essential need of a good bookkeeper. Moreover, scheduling a calendar can be helpful when you are your own boss. You can create a schedule block in your calendar or a simple to-do list with the timings you require for the tasks.

  • Minimise Distraction

    As a virtual bookkeeper, you must stay focused and minimize distractions. We have some tips for you; put your phone on airplane mode during working hours and mute unnecessary social media notifications. Moreover, you can download that to improve your productivity and track the time of using different apps.

  • Problem-solving Skill

    We encounter problems daily, and the important thing is here; how we respond. Candidates with problem-solving skills are given an edge over others in any field. Problem-solving skills comprise other key skills as well.

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