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Are you struggling to find a job as an ACCA-Qualified Accountant? With our comprehensive Online Practical Accounting Courses, you will be armed with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the Practical Accounting World.

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    We offer a variety of Practical Accounting and Bookkeeping Courses to suit your career goals. Whether you are a newly qualified Bookkeeper or an Accountant, in our study plan, you will get a chance to work on actual client working files, giving you a detailed overview of the practicality of the subject. From Technicalities of Practical Implementation of Theoretical Knowledge to Communication Skills, our courses are designed to Boost your Accounting  Career, and you’ll be able to Implement these skills into your workplace environment. Furthermore, we’ll help you get ahead in your field with guaranteed job placements after completing our training program.

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    We are committed to providing the best online training to give you a competitive advantage. In addition, we offer our students a guarantee of job placement in their respective fields. So start your journey with Star Sterling Academy today!

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    If unsure about your career path, take our assessment test to create an individualised plan for your career growth. In addition, you will be able to evaluate your proficiency level, and the good news is that we offer discounts depending on the results. 





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    We help you get ahead.

    Our mission is to equip accountants with the necessary tools to find employment. Our UK-Qualified Trainers are confident that we can achieve this goal and provide our students with excellent career prospects.


    Success Stories From Our Students

    Our Students are already excelling in the industry and have marked their steps into High Level Accounting Firms.

    "I find that the courses are always properly paced for the adult learner (who has other responsibilities in his/her life other than being a student!)."
    Ivy Joseph
    Project Accountant
    "Sterling Academy has been a huge help to my career since I had taken my training from them. They are a really friendly and professional team and always quick to respond."
    Amelia Arthur
    Accounting Manager
    "Thanks for everything! This was my first online class and I felt it was a tremendous learning experience for me. I enjoyed every aspect of the class."
    Joel Peterson

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